Gay Pride: SA hasn't reached acceptance

Gay activists say the increase in lesbian murders is an indication SA still doesn't accept gay people.

Couple Johan Botha and Frodo Roos celebrate JoburgGayPride on 26 October 2013. Picture: MASEGO RAHLAGA/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Gay and lesbian activists say South Africa has still not reached a point of acceptance.

Hundreds took part in the annual Joburg Gay Pride Walk in Sandton on Saturday to celebrate their sexuality.

The activists say the escalation of cases where lesbian women are killed is proof that the country is still unaccepting gay people.

Hundreds who attended the walk say South African business owners still refuse to do business with them because of their sexuality.

One woman said she and her fiancé are having a hard time finding a venue for their wedding because they are gay.

"At the moment we're looking at venues and it's hurtful that a few of those venues turn around and say they don't do same sex marriages. I just want that to change."

Activists say acceptance in society would be a big achievement for their community because it would mean they are finally free to be themselves.