Agliotti owes Sars R78m

Sars has submitted an application to the North Gauteng High Court to sequestrate.

Glenn Agliotti was cleared of the murder of mining boss Brett Kebble at the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday, 25 November 2010. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

JOHANNESBURG - Convicted drug dealer Glenn Agliotti owes the South African Revenue Services (Sars) more than R78 million for unfiled tax returns and velued added tax obligations, Sars confirmed on Sunday.

Sars has submitted an application to the North Gauteng High Court to sequestrate Agliotti in its attempt to recover the long standing tax debt.

The matter is set to be heard in court next month.

Sars's Adrian Lackay says, "We approached the High Court with a request to sequestrate. Effectively it means there's no reasonable chance we will be able to recovery outstanding money.

"So the next legal step is to apply to a High Court judge and ask the court to make a ruling."

This is not the first time Sars has accused Agliotti of tax fraud.

About two months ago Agliotti discarded accusations by Sars that he has money stashed in offshore accounts.

According to an application filed in October last year, Sars believed Agliotti stashed funds in European bank accounts in Geneva and Guernsey.

At the time Agliotti said, "I think Sars investigators had to make a political statement and I'd like to tell them they are wasting their time in trying to find something which isn't there. This investigation will cost the taxpayer a lot of money."

The businessman, who said he believed Sars is the only South African government body that works efficiently, insisted the service had, however, failed in that case.

Agliotti was the main suspect in mining magnate Brett Kebble's murder trial, but was cleared of all charges in November 2010.