Community horrified after 'satanic' beheading

Ravensmead teenager Lee Adams was decapitated in an alleged satanic ritual.

Ravensmead teenager Lee Adams was decapitated and his jhead discovered in the front garden of a peer. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Many Ravensmead residents are still reeling following the violent attack on 15-year-old Lee Heinrich Adams.

Adams was beheaded, allegedly at the hands of a 17-year-old suspect who also lives in the Northern Suburbs area.

The suspect was arrested at the weekend after a police investigation led to the discovery of Adams's head, which was buried in the suspect's front garden.

He appeared in the Bellville Magistrates Court on Monday, where his case was postponed.

It's being investigated whether the alleged killer is involved in Satanism.

A vigil was held at the Ravensmead primary school on Monday night where Adams's decapitated body was found.

One resident said they want the school to be demolished.

"There's too much crime and a whole lot of funny things happening in that building. In the classroom where his body was found, there are condoms lying everywhere."

She said they were shocked that this could have happened in their community.

Police have said it's unclear what the motive for the attack was.