Diepsloot: Prime suspect in court

The prime suspect will appear in the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court where he will be formally charged.

Police have officially confirmed the prime suspect in the case has confessed to the crimes.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police have confirmed they are investigating a possible case of child neglect and abandonment, following the kidnapping, rape and murder of Diepsloot cousins, Zandile (3) and Yonelisa (2) Mali.

Their parents have told police they last saw the toddlers playing unsupervised outside their yard.

Five men have been arrested for the crime.

The police's Oswald Reddy did not rule out the possibility the parents of the Mali cousins could also be prosecuted.

"We're still following up on our investigations to see if there was any negligence. If there is, steps will be taken."

Police have also officially confirmed the prime suspect in the case confessed to the crimes.

The two girls were buried at the Diepsloot Cemetery on Saturday, after their mutilated bodies were discovered dumped inside a communal toilet on Tuesday by a community member.

Four men have been charged with two counts of murder, rape and kidnapping each.

A fifth man, believed to be the main suspect, is due to appear in the Pretoria Magistrates Court on Monday where he will be formally charged.

Reddy says the prime suspect hasn't given any indication he'll plead guilty.

"We'll have to wait and see when the trial starts."

Police say all five are believed to have had direct or indirect involvement in the crimes.

The matter is expected to be postponed to a later date when all five men will appear together.

Meanwhile, Diepsloot mothers have called for the police's tactical response team to be deployed in the area to improve the safety of women and children.

Residents accused police of being inactive in their efforts to protect vulnerable members of the community.