Newborn found dead in Diepsloot

Gauteng police are searching for the mother of the baby.

A newborn was found dead in a Diepsloot stream on 19 October 2013. Picture: Lesego Ngobeni/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police are searching for the mother of the baby whose body was found wrapped in a plastic bag in Diepsloot on Saturday.

The baby's body was found in a stream that runs through extensions 6 and 7 in the north western Johannesburg township.

Police said the baby's exact age is still unknown.

It's also unclear when the baby was dumped in the stream.

The baby boy is believed to have been there since 10am.

An eyewitness said the baby was dumped inside the stream by its mother.

The witness said she was walking by and saw the baby lying next to a small tree by a bridge with no clothes.

The baby, who's believed to be newborn, still had a name tag and its umbilical cord was still attached.

Eyewitnesses said the baby was dumped naked but police put him inside a refuse bag to protect his body.

The mother of the baby is believed to have sent the baby's father an SMS telling him she had dumped the baby in the river.

She's apparently in hiding and police are with the baby's father trying to locate her.