Main Diepsloot murder suspect arrested

Police have arrested the main suspect in the rape and murder of two Diepsloot toddlers.

An identity sketch of the main suspect in the rape and murder of two Diepsloot toddlers.

Police have confirmed to Eyewitness News that the main suspect in the rape and murder of two Diepsloot children has been arrested. Yesterday an identity sketch of the man was released.

Police have linked the 29-year old suspect to another murder and investigations are continuing into whether he may be a serial killer.

The police's Neville Malila said, "We received information from the community after we indicated there's a R100,000 reward and early this morning they managed to arrest the prime suspect in Alexandra."

The murders of the two girls, along with other crimes committed against children this week, has outraged the nation sparking debate about whether enough is being done to protect them.

The other three suspects arrested in connection with the rape and double murder are due to appear in the Pretoria Magistrates' Court this morning.

The men, who were initially taken in for questioning this week, are facing rape and murder charges

They are alleged to have kidnapped, raped, mutilated and murdered two- and three-year-old Zandile and Yonelisa Mali, before dumping their little bodies inside a communal toilet.

The men were taken in hours after the gruesome discovery of the little girls' bodies.

The three suspects are all foreign nationals, and were found with South African IDs.

The police's Oswald Reddy says they are checking the authenticity of the documents.

"The Department of Home Affairs is helping us to verify because there were some discrepancies that were found on the IDs."


Police say they've picked up discrepancies in the ID documents of the three men arrested.

Two of the men are from Mozambique while the other one is from Swaziland but they were found with South African IDs.

Reddy says they are waiting for results of DNA samples taken from the men, which will be used to link them to the crime.

"We're still waiting for the DNA sample that was taken from them to be verified and we're applying for a seven day remand so we can continue with the investigation."

Scores of Diepsloot youths are expected to march in the area on Friday in protest against the murders.