Task team to investigate Issa hit

Police say the Lebanese national was shot more than thirty times when he was killed on Saturday.

Crime scene investigators at the scene in Bedfordview where Sam Issa was shot and killed on 12 October 2013. Picture: @EdenvaleJourno/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police say a provincial multi-disciplinary task team is investigating the killing of 49-year-old businessman Sam Issa.

He was gunned down in a suspected hit on Saturday morning in Bedfordview, east of Johannesburg.

Issa was shot more than 30 times while he was stopped at a traffic light in his Audi Q7.

Police say they have now intensified their investigation.

Issa was approached by a white Ford Ranger with an ND registration number.

An unknown suspect fired shots at him.

Various items, including a .38 revolver, 9mm rounds and a silencer were found in his vehicle.

Officers also found four cellphones.

Authorities are following up allegations that a police-issued firearm was used and that the suspect put on blue lights when fleeing the scene.

Issa was a known associate of controversial Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir.

Krejcir has denied ever being close to Issa or having any links to the killing.

According to reports, Issa was seen at Krejcir's shop on Bradford Road on Friday.

Investigator Paul O'Sullivan says Issa and Krejcir have been seen together on a regular basis over the past two years.

He also accused Krejcir of being involved with dodgy police.

"Not good cops - bad cops. Problem is, Krejcir has a number of cops on his payroll."

Police are still investigating the possibility that rogue cops could have been behind the hit.

Meanwhile, there has been no new information since another of Krejcir's associates told Eyewitness News that he received a death threat saying he'd be next just a day after Issa's death.

Jerome Safi on Sunday received a message saying, "You are next".

The SMS came from an unknown number.