MEC orders probe into N1 accident

A truck lost its load on the N1 Highway on Tuesday, bringing CT traffic to a standstill.

A motorist was trapped in a bakkie following an accident on the N1 highway on 15 October 2013. Picture: Zain Johnson/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Transport MEC Robin Carlisle has ordered a probe into an accident involving a heavy-duty truck on the N1 Highway near Woodstock, which took place on Tuesday afternoon during peak-hour traffic.

The truck was travelling on the highway when it lost its load, a 24 ton barge that was too high to fit under a bridge.

A motorist travelling in a bakkie behind the truck was seriously injured when the barge fell onto his vehicle.

The incident gridlocked outbound traffic from the City Centre, causing chaos on the roads.

Carlisle says the incident must be thoroughly investigated.

"He was off-route, I think by accident, and his load was too high. He [the driver] had been issued with the necessary permit but I don't know if the permit called for him to have an escort. From the provisional side of things it looks like he should have had an escort."

Meanwhile, Western Cape traffic authorities say the heavy-duty truck driver should never have been travelling without an escort vehicle.

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa says heavy-duty vehicles cannot travel without escort vehicles.

"It was an abnormal load. Had there been an escort vehicle in front of the abnormal load, making sure it was safe to go underneath the bridges, there wouldn't have been an accident."