Arms deal: declassified report scrutinised

Evidence leaders are insisting the declassified report be scrutinised page by page.

The Arms Deal Commission of Inquiry is being held at the Sammy Marks Conference Centre in Pretoria. Picture: Belinda Moses/EWN

PRETORIA - A declassified evaluation report on the multibillion rand arms deal is now being scrutinised at the Seriti Commission of Inquiry into the 1999 deal.

The document contains all the details of the companies that bid for the 1999 arms acquisition programme.

The commission is investigating allegations of corruption in the arms deal.

Armscor officials are still on the stand going through the document page by page.

While this may seem tedious, evidence leaders insist it's important to find out why a German consortium clinched the deal but, according to the report, did not score the best in terms of the requisite criteria.

Armscor Program Manager of Naval Systems Rob Vermeulen has been on the stand giving a very technical explanation of how the score rating works, which encompasses everything from performance, compatibility and price.

In some instances an Italian bidder obtained a higher score, even though the German company won the deal in the end.