Police, journalists flee Diepsloot

Police, motorists and journalists have come under attack by angry locals in the Johannesburg township.

Residents in Diepsloot barricaded roads with bricks and burning tyres on 15 October 2013 after the discovery of two murdered girls. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police, motorists and journalists have been forced to leave Diepsloot on Tuesday evening after residents started stoning vehicles on Tuesday.

An Eyewitness News reporter and a number of other journalists came under attack.

Locals took to the streets earlier in the day burning tyres and blocking roads.

Residents are angry after two girls, aged two and three, were found dead in a toilet cubicle in the northern Johannesburg township on Tuesday morning.

Police were forced to react swiftly when residents began stoning vehicles.

Officers threatened to fire rubber bullets after residents set more tyres alight on the main road leading to Extension One.

The community vowed to take the law into their own hands and make the township ungovernable unless something is done to stop the murders.

This is the second incident in Diepsloot in around a month.

In September, a five-year-old girl was found dead next to a dumpster.

Allegations are now being made that the murders are being committed by the same ethnic group.

Foreign-owned shops were looted earlier in the day.

Many foreigners have fled the volatile township.