Diepsloot: two girls found dead

The girls, believed to be aged two and three, were found in an outdoor toilet cubicle.

The girls, believed to be aged two and three, disappeared on Saturday. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police are investigating the circumstances around the murder of two young children in Diepsloot, who were discovered in a toilet cubicle this morning.

The girls, aged two and three, vanished on Saturday.

More than 10 meters of the crime scene has been cordoned off by yellow police tape where hundreds of shocked community members have gathered.

The bodies of the little girls are yet to be recovered from the toilet cubicle, which is also sealed off by police tape.

Hundreds of police officers are manning the area and forensic officers are preparing to remove the bodies.

The toddlers were last seen in the area on Saturday, walking with an unknown man.

It's believed they may have been raped.


The grandmother of a five-year-old girl who was found dead in Diepsloot over a month ago called on police to make swift arrests.

The girl's body was found next to a dumpster in the northern Johannesburg township.

Police believe the girl may have been raped by her killer.

The girl's grandmother said the pain is unbearable.

"I cry over and over again, trying to release the pain. Every time someone speaks of her, it hurts all over again."

She said she wants the killer to suffer the same fate as the girl.

"He must follow my little angel. She was still young and innocent. I hope he's arrested and killed, just like he did to my granddaughter."

Forensic officers had combed the scene to take DNA samples from the body.

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the murder.

It remains unknown whether all three murders were committed by the same person.