‘Underworld’ murders could be linked

Sam Issa was killed just days after Leon Davids was murdered in Cape Town.

Crime scene investigators at the scene in Bedfordview where Sam Issa was shot and killed on 12 October 2013. Picture: @EdenvaleJourno/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Questions are being raised about whether Saturday's Bedfordview hit on Radovan Krejcir's associate, Sam Issa, could be linked to last week's Cape Town murder of Leon 'Lyons' Davids.

Issa, also known as 'Cripple Sam' or 'Black Sam', was gunned down near the Bedford Centre on Saturday.

More than 30 shots were fired at him as he stopped at a traffic light in his Audi Q7.

Davids was a state witness in the murder of Cape Town underworld figure, Cyril Beeka, who was shot in Belville in 2011, and is suspected to have been the trigger man.

Beeka was another one of Krejcir's associates.

Sources close to the investigation are drawing a link between the two cases.

They're looking at whether Cape Town underworld figures are sending Krejcir a warning message or if the Czech is cleaning house after a James Bond style attempt on his own life earlier this year.

Police are also believed to be investigating whether rogue cops are behind the shooting.

Issa was also kidnapped a few weeks prior to his murder and his house broken into, leading him to fear for his life.


Eyewitness News once met Issa while he was with Krejcir at the Harbour restaurant in Bedfordview.

But Krejcir denied being close to Issa.

"No, we were not very close and I don't believe the shooting was linked or connected to me."

It's also claimed Issa was seen at Krejcir's shop on Bradford Road on Friday.

It's alleged he was travelling to the Mercure Hotel on Saturday when he was gunned down