Plane crash at Secunda Airshow

A man was evacuated from an aircraft after he allegedly failed to exit a dive at the Secunda Airshow.


JOHANNESBURG - A pilot involved in a light aircraft accident in Mpumalanga has been placed on life support and remains in critical condition in hospital.

Paramedics say the Red Bull Extra 300 aircraft crashed during an airshow in Secunda on Saturday morning.

Spectators believe that the aircraft's engine "stalled".

Eyewitness Morkel Erasmus said "He levelled out just as he came out of the dive and it looked like the engine stalled, he hopped it on the ground and slid about 50-70 metres. Then the engine caught fire and he couldn't get out of the cockpit."

The identity of the man has not yet been revealed.

ER 24's Werner Vermaak says he sustained multiple burn wounds.

"They will be taken shortly from Mediclinic Highveld through to Johannesburg where he will receive further medical care."