Traffic fines going unpaid in CT

The City of Cape Town says it struggles to serve summonses as motorists lie about their addresses.

Many Cape Town motorists are not paying their traffic fines. Picture: Stock.XCHNG

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town has rubbished reports that it plans to take away the municipal services of those residents who fail to pay their traffic fines.

This follows reports that the city would introduce this drastic measure in a bid to force motorists to pay their traffic fines.

Currently the city has a payment rate of between 35 and 38 percent.

During the last financial year the city made R99 million from traffic fines and is seeking to increase the figure.

The city's JP Smith told the Kieno Kammies Show that the reports were not truth.

"I must say people are giving me ideas with the system that we should be cutting off services. But it's not true. It just means that you can't renew your driver's licence and you can't renew your vehicle's licence. Remember this is not people with outstanding fines. I'm only interested in people with warrants of arrest. That is a person who's declined to pay a traffic fine."

Smith said serving summonses to the culprits was a problem.

"You've got a guy who can see through the window, when they are there to serve the summons, but his wife says he's not home. They do that three or four times and the summons services get frustrated. And the problem really is the law. We should just be able to serve the summons on your home and that should be enough. That's the proposal I've made to the provincial transport MEC that he engage national government about that. "