‘Red October is lunacy’

White protesters are voicing their concerns against the “slaughter of white people” in SA.

White South Africans take part in a Red October march in Pretoria. Picture: Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Many South Africans have taken to social networks to voice their utter disgust about Red October.

Several cities are expected to take part in Red October marches throughout the country.

Protesters will be voicing their concern against what they term the "slaughter of white people" in South Africa.

The organisers of the event say they've had enough of crime, farm murders and black economic empowerment.

But many South Africans remain critical about the marches.

On Twitter, cartoonist Jerm tweeted:

Red October: Because blacks, coloureds, and Indians aren't as important as whites.

Sarah Britten ‏tweeted:

The #redoctober okes are free to protest, and I'm free to say that I find it tone deaf and blind to reality. Yay for democracy eh?

Fiona Zerbst Hamed:

This Red October thing appears to be nothing more than apartheid nostalgia masquerading as a cause. Ugh.

SongezoZibi tweeted:

To me Red October = garbage thinking + talk. Do we really want to spend all day discussing foolishness and lunacy?

On their website, they have written "No longer will we be silent about the oppression of White South Africans! No longer will we endure the killing of our people on our farms and in our towns and cities!"

In Pretoria, musician Steve Hofmeyr is leading a march of about 300 people.

After midday, the protesters will release red balloons into the skies as a tribute to victims of "white genocide".