Kana recounts raping Booysen

In a confession, Kana revealed the exact details of how he raped Anene Booysen.

Johannes Kana joined court officials during an in-loco inspection on 9 October 2013 where Anene Booysen's final steps were retraced. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The man standing trial for the rape and murder of Bredasdorp teenager Anene Booysen has confessed to physically assaulting her.

While Kana has admitted to sexually assaulting the 17-year-old, he maintains that he did not kill her.

Booysen was raped, mutilated and left for dead at a construction site in February.

She later died in hospital.

Kana's confession revealed that he'd punched Booysen in the face, resulting in her falling on the ground.

He then admitted to kicking her, pulling down her pants and raping her.

He says he then ran away and left her at the construction site.

His confession was read out to the court by State advocate Maria Marshall.

In the confession, Kana also indicated he had left Kallies pub with Anene and walked with her to her foster mother's home.

He also revealed that he'd known Booysen for about eight months prior to her death and was aware that she had a crush on him.


In June this year, the court heard Kana's version of events in detail.

According to Kana, he and friends had been drinking and Booysen joined them.

He said the two of them then left the group and walked home.

Kana admitted he and Booysen were drunk and on the way home they began to kiss.

He claimed that Booysen fell and he then raped her.

The National Prosecuting Authority previously indicated it has a strong case against the accused and evidence linking him to the murder.