Mbeki concerned about corruption in SA

Thabo Mbeki says ordinary citizens must keep on putting pressure on those responsible for corruption.

FILE: Former President Thabo Mbeki speaking during the Road to Democracy in South Africa Volume 5 and 6 book launch held at UNISA Pretoria. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Thabo Mbeki said South Africa will only be able to deal with corruption if ordinary citizens keep putting pressure on those who are responsible for these acts.

Mbeki says he is concerned about the state of corruption in the country.

Speaking at the Bethesda Methodist Mission Church in Houghton about burning African issues on Thursday, Mbeki said the only way corruption will be minimised is if the public starts speaking out against these crimes.

"As a population, we know who is corrupt and we know what they are doing. Many of us who lived in the rest of the continent always deceived ourselves to say this kind of corruption that we see will never happen in South Africa, and we were wrong."

At the same time, the former statesman says Zimbabwe's future should be determined by Zimbabweans alone.

Questions have been raised about whether the country's elections, more than 2 months ago, were free and fair with allegations of rigging coming from the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change.

These allegations were never tested in court.

Mbeki said Zimbabwe must resolve its own problems without South Africa or America telling the country what to do.

"We would help, we would facilitate and we would walk with them, but the solutions reside with them."

Mbeki says there is a notion by world leaders that African leaders are less human than other world leaders.