‘Guptagate’: Zuma linked to saga

A key witness in the military’s investigation has claimed the President has direct links to the saga.

The Gupta jet parked at the Waterkloof Air Force Base. Picture: Beeld.com.

PRETORIA - President Jacob Zuma has reportedly been directly implicated under oath for the first time in the so-called Guptagate scandal.

In April, Eyewitness News revealed that a private jet chartered by the Gupta family carrying over 200 wedding guests landed at the Waterkloof Air Force Base without following normal procedures.

An investigation by government recommended swift action against several officials in the defence force and the Department of International Relations who were found to have undermined procedures.

The _Beeld _is reporting a key witness in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)'s investigation into the saga claims Zuma met former Chief of State Protocal, Bruce Koloane, and asked whether everything was on track for the flight.

According to the report, Lieutenant Colonel Christine Anderson accuses Zuma of direct involvement in the scandal in an affidavit that forms part of the record of the military's investigation into the incident.

The initial probe began on Wednesday and will determine whether there's enough evidence against the military officials implicated.

An earlier investigation by the Department of Justice found Koloane had said at least three times that he was following the instructions of 'Number One'.

In the report, Anderson claims for the first time that 'Number One' refers to the President.

Anderson is one of five Air Force officials who may face action for their alleged involvement in the saga.


Government released a full report on the scandal in May.

In the 30 page document, Director-Generals said the Indian High Commission admitted to the International Relations Department it had not asked for this permission and agreed that it was a lapse of diplomatic protocol.

They said the diplomatic process was abused for the wedding guests.

The report said because there was poor visibility during the landing and that not all the proper systems were in place at the time, there could have been potentially catastrophic consequences if any unforeseen event had occurred.

The report also said Koloane was under pressure from someone more senior to help the Gupta family.