Malema unfazed by defections

The EFF leader says he isn’t losing any sleep after 300 members joined Agang SA.

FILE: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) founder Julius Malema. Picture: Christa Van der Walt/EWN

PRETORIA - Julius Malema on Thursday said he is not losing sleep after more than 300 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members defected to Agang SA.

Instead, he is focusing his attention on the land reform issue.

Malema claims his party's membership is still growing, despite the defections.

The EFF leader used a cancelled event at Unisa on Thursday afternoon to once again call for the redistribution of land in South Africa without compensation.

Unisa officials cancelled the land reform talk after some acts of intimidation on campus.

As Malema was due to speak, hall doors were shut and people were told to leave.

Malema himself was told he could no longer speak, but he made it clear he wasn't taking no for an answer.

He insisted on speaking, saying there was a conspiracy by ANC members to silence him.

There were some scuffles between EFF and ANC clad supporters and Malema insisted the take-home message should be that the ANC can't be trusted.

He said anyone who voted for the ANC should be ashamed.

Malema said land reform under the ANC was a disgrace and poor people wouldn't commit crime if they had land.

"We do not have opportunities because opportunities come with land. They are rich as they are - white people - because they have the land. They use their land to finance the education of their children."