'Rhino horn demand is big in Vietnam'

The WWF says it's working with authorities in Vietnam to shift attitudes on the use of rhino horn.

General Jooste meets with Deputy Chairman of the Vietnamese Committee for Science, Technology and Environment, Tuan Nhan Vo and the Vice Chief of Hanoi Environmental Police Viet Tien Nguyen. Picture: Christa Van der Walt/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The World Wide Fund for nature says it is working with law enforcement agencies in Vietnam to shift attitudes and behaviour against the trend of rhino horn use in the country.

The Non-governmental organisation (NGO)presented findings of a study which revealed that rhino horn is a luxury purchase by upper middle class citizens.

The organisations Laura Tyrer said, "The latent demand for rhino horn in Vietnam is very big and there's a pool of potential growth.

"Of these 87 million people, about two thirds are under the age of 35 so it's a young growing population."


At the same time, authorities are investigating after a rhino was killed on a game farm in Magaliesburg.

The rhino was shot at the Askari Game Lodge on Monday before the poachers hacked its horn.

No one has been arrested.

The Hawks' Paul Ramaloko said, "We found a gunshot wound to the carcass and it appears a high calibre hunting rifle was used. Our investigations are ongoing."

Meanwhile, NGO, the Green Wall of Africa, says they are devastated at the continuing massacre of rhino in the country.

The organisation's Irene Huysamen said, "It's absolutely shocking for the youth of South Africa as they see the defamation of their heritage being wiped away."

Over 600 rhino have been poached in the country this year.