Stats climb in SA's murder capital

At least 230 murders have been reported in the Nyanga township over the last year.

Police keep an eye on Nyanga residents during a service delivery protest on 10 August 2012. Picture: Nathan Adams/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The City Of Cape Town said on Monday it's confident Nyanga will in five years be a safer place to live in.

The township is currently regarded as South Africa's murder capital.

It's understood at least 230 murders have been reported in the last year.

The municipality, together with Western Cape government, launched an Integrated Violence Prevention Framework on Tuesday, which involves various interventions aimed at reducing violent crime.

The city's Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, gave the initiative his stamp of approval.

"If we cannot achieve a reduction with the kind of resources we're pumping into it, I will be at a complete loss as to what will," he said.

Government has said it's launched a number of crime reducing interventions, like cracking down on illegal shebeens and re-blocking communities.

Other initiatives like expanding the neighbourhood watch in dangerous communities will also be considered.