Water main burst could take hours to fix

Johannesburg Water says it’s working to restore water to parts of the CBD.

A burst water pipe in the Johannesburg CBD sent water shooting five metres into the air on Friday 13 September. Picture: @ashwinscheepers/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Water on Friday said it is working to restore water to businesses in the CBD.

This after a main water pipe burst on Friday morning.

The burst occurred near Troye Street and Commissioner Street, allegedly following an unsuccessful repair job earlier in the week.

Pictures of the burst showed a fountain of water reaching metres into the sky.

The water utility says it has deployed tanks to Selby, Marshalltown, Wemmer Pan, Village Main and Newtown for temporary use.

Johannesburg Water spokesperson Millicent Kabwe said, "It's difficult to say at this stage how long it will take because a lot of things can go wrong. Hence, we made provisions for temporary supply so that we can do this job properly and restore water without any kind of pressure."