Protea Glen protestors arrested

Police have arrested Waterworks informal settlement residents for taking part in violent protests.

Police are monitoring a service delivery protest in Protea Glen in soweto after dozens of residents blocked roads at near Protea Gardens - including impala road where the protestors have gathered on 08/08/2013. Credit: @Keekee_Jose via Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Police arrested scores of protestors from an informal settlement near Protea Glen in Soweto this morning after demonstrators took to the streets over service delivery issues.

Residents of the Waterworks informal settlement claim their local councillor Gladys Khoza is corrupt and they want her fired.

They are accusing Khoza of living in a plush suburb in Braamfontein and ignoring their plight.

Residents are also demanding they be relocated from the informal area they live in to the neighbouring area, where there's electricity, housing and sanitation.

Dozens of heavily armed police vehicles have surrounded the area and a police helicopter is hovering above the settlement.

While it's unclear how many people have been arrested, some appear to have been shot at with rubber bullets.

Police are now clearing rubble, burning tyres and rocks, which have been used to block off the intersection at the N12 and Impala Road.

The road has since been closed off to traffic.