Kya Sand protesters disperse

Fires are still burning and police are on high alert at the informal settlement in northern Johannesburg.

Kya Sands residents stage a protest on Malibaongwe Drive, Johannesburg on Wednesday 11 September 2013. Picture: Shaun Fredericks ‏(@Lil_Wizardo)/Twittter

JOHANNESBURG - Scores of demonstrators have dispersed from Kya Sand in northern Johannesburg following a violent protest over land allocation.

Residents took to the streets on Wednesday evening burning tyres and blocking Malibongwe Drive, severely affecting traffic in the area.

Fires are still burning and police are on high alert with a number of nyalas on the scene.

Traffic has been cleared, but motorists had to be cautious in navigating the roads with rubble still blocking some sections.

It's understood many who were left displaced by a fire on Sunday are unhappy about the slow progress in rebuilding their houses.

According to witnesses, at least 50 people were involved in the demonstration.

"They've barricaded the roads with burning material and concrete blocks. They threw stones at me and I basically had to reverse and just get out the way," said one motorist.

In March 2012, police fired rubber bullets on protesting Kya Sand residents.

Hundreds of demonstrators blocked Malibongwe Drive to demand houses and basic services.

Community members said they were fed up with empty promises.

Officials from the City of Johannesburg met with locals to address their concerns and promised to deliver a concrete plan within a week.