Pinelands scouts assists fire victims

The 1st Pinelands Scout Group are assisting residents following a devastating fire.

The canal in the centre of Pinelands, a suburb in Cape Town. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - The 1st Pinelands Scout Troop has decided to get together and assist the citizens of an old age home in their community following the burning down of one of its residential sections.

Around four years ago, SAWAS House suffered a devastating fire that destroyed one of their residential wings and a vegetable garden that serviced the home.

After the wing was reconstructed the home was left with no funding to have the required maintenance done.

The 1st Pinelands Scout Group decided to take action and assist to create a better environment for the elderly residents by rebuilding the vegetable garden and planting flowers to beautify the surrounding area.

They will also be repainting certain areas of the home.

Johann Harzon, a member of the group and a grade 11 learner at Pinelands High School, spoke to Cape Talk 567's Kieno Kammies about what they were doing to help the elderly citizens.

Harzon said the group's main focus now is to rebuild the vegetable garden so that it's accessible for all the residents, including those in wheelchairs.

He said the garden will enable residents at the home to produce their own vegetables for both their own use and to sell.

But while the 1st Pinelands Scout Group has agreed to help SAWAS House, resources remain scarce.

Harzon said while the group has sent out letters requesting sponsors, no one has come forward with a positive response.

"We're looking for donations in the form of white paint, pavement slabs to place around the garden, compost or fertiliser and any equipment that can be used in a garden."

Harzon said the group's mandate is all about giving back to the community.

"We're all about getting involved and trying to make a difference in the lives of others."

Anyone who is willing to assist can email