Tsvangirai's lawyers under investigation

The MDC leader’s lawyers questioned the impartiality of Zimbabwean judges.

FILE: Morgan Tsvangirai speaks in Harare on 1 August 2013. Picture: AFP

HARARE - Zimbabwe's chief prosecutor on Thursday ordered police to investigate Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai's legal team following contempt of court allegations.

The lawyers are accused of bringing the judiciary into disrepute when they questioned the impartiality of Zimbabwean judges in an election application last month.

The allegations relate to Tsvangirai's attempt to challenge the results of the 31 July presidential poll.

The MDC leader wanted access to ballot boxes so their contents could be studied and possibly used as evidence in his case.

His lawyers went to the high court to try and force the electoral commission to release them.

It was in that application, which was later dismissed, that the impartiality of some Zimbabwean judges was allegedly questioned.

Presiding Judge Chinembiri Bhunu took exception to the comments and recommended that Tsvangirai's lawyers be prosecuted.

Attorney-General Johannes Tomana told the official _Herald _newspaper that the case has now been referred to police who will see whether the lawyers can be charged.