Taxi drivers demand compensation

Over 100 drivers are demanding a R30,000 fee from bosses as an apology for Wednesday’s shootout.

Over 100 taxi drivers holding a slow-down gathered at the Noord Taxi Rank in the Johannesburg CDB on Thursday 5 September 2013. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - More than 100 Sandton taxi drivers affiliated to the Alexandra Taxi Association on Thursday gathered in the Johannesburg CBD to discuss grievances with their bosses.

Drivers who transport passengers from the Noord Taxi Rank to Sandton have been on a go-slow since Tuesday.

This resulted in commuters being forced out of taxis.

When drivers tried to meet with bosses on Wednesday morning, a shootout broke out at the taxi rank.

Drivers are now demanding R30,000 compensation from their employers for the shootout.

The taxi drivers say talks will not continue unless money is put on the table.

They said all they wanted was for their bosses to hear their case.

Instead, drivers were shot at in full view of passengers.

The group says it will not return to work unless the fee is paid.

The drivers are also demanding bosses cut down on the number of taxis on this route as passengers using taxis to travel to Sandton dropped due to the Gautrain, keeping them from reaching their daily targets.