Ramphele pushes on despite obstacles

Mamphela Ramphele was denied access to a hostel in the township and had to speak outside.

Academic and political activist Mamphela Ramphele announced a new political party platform on 18 February 2013 in Johannesburg. Picture: Alex Eliseev/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele says her party will push on with its election campaign despite obstacles.

Ramphele traded in her high heels and power suit for a hat, sunglasses and a pair of pumps as she walked the streets of Tembisa on the East Rand yesterday.

Ramphela was due to address residents at a hostel in the township but was denied access.

When it was time to give her main address at the Elhanzeni Hostel she was denied entry and had to speak outside.

Ramphele says that although she understands their lack of faith in political parties, hers will not be discouraged.

"We can't get into a public facility but none-the-less that obstruction is not going to stop us."

If yesterday's events and the turnout are anything to go by, Ramphele may struggle to gain significant support ahead of next year's polls.