'ANCYL don't need to apologise for me'

ANCYL plans to publically apologise to anyone offended by comments made by Julius Malema.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Picture: Christa Van der Walt/ EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says he doesn't believe the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has any need to apologise for comments he made while in charge.

On Tuesday, the task team running the league confirmed it's planning to make a public apology on Saturday to anyone offended by what Malema and his allies said before he was expelled from the party last year.

But Malema said this just serves as proof that the ANCYL's current leaders don't have any ideas of their own.

"It is very disappointing that people have failed to come up with their own original political identities beyond Julius Malema and I see this as just seeking cheap publicity."

He also said he's already apologised to people he offended and will continue to do so if he's missed anyone out.

In one of his most famous outbursts, Malema's called BBC journalist Jonah Fischer a "bloody agent" and a "bastard" during a press conference at Luthuli House in 2010.

After a lengthy absence from the South African political arena, Malema announced the official formation of the Economic Freedom Fighters in July.

The firebrand politician said the party will fight for nationalisation of mines and land reform without compensation.

He said while these policies may result in sanctions and a situation similar to Zimbabwe's, South Africans are ready.