ANN7 dismisses Sundaram's allegations

A former consulting editor for ANN7 says many employees from India have improper work permits.

The logo for the Africa News Network (ANN7). Picture: ANN7

PRETORIA - The Africa News Network7 (ANN7) management have now been accused of violating work permit and visa regulations by importing labour to set up and work at the newly launched television station.

A former consulting editor who has resigned and fled the country says dozens of colleagues who joined him from India did not have the required documentation to work in South Africa.

Rajesh Sundaram has accused Atul Gupta of giving President Jacob Zuma assurances that the channel would be pro-ANC and that Gupta's guards threatened him when he left the company.

Sundaram says he was among a group of only 10 employees with work permits among dozens who were brought in from India.

"Immediately before the launch, there were dozens of people brought in [from India]. They were in violation of the visa requirements because they were brought in on business visas to work."

ANN7's Nazeem Howa has dismissed the allegations saying these are the claims of a disgruntled employee.

He says all their Indian staff are compliant with the applicable legislation.

Howa said in his resignation letter, Sundaram spoke very highly of the channel's shareholders.

Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Deputy Director General Jackie Mckay says the department won't investigate the allegations as it was hearsay, and urged Sundaram to lodge a formal complaint.

Sundaram says only a handful of colleagues among dozens from India were issued with the required work permits.

"I only saw young people given work permits to be part of the newsroom and the editorial process."

To view Surandam's letter of resignation, click here.