Zuma calls for peace in Africa

The president pointed to Egypt and the DRC as specific problem areas on the continent.

FILE: M23 rebel soldiers keep guard during the inauguration of newly elected M23 Rebel political wing President, Bertrand Bisimwa in Bunagana on 7 March 2013. Picture: Isaac Kasamani/AFP

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma on Monday called on delegates at the 59th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference to discuss the unrest in parts of Africa.

Speaking at the gathering in Sandton, he called for peace and the installation of democratic rule in Egypt which has seen two presidents ousted in as many years.

The president also called on officials to consider the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where M23 rebels have been battling United Nations (UN) troops.

Zuma said South Africa has called for "peace on our own continent," adding, "Peace and democracy must reign in every part of Africa and all over the world."

"We urge you to promote peace in the world at all times for it is only through peace that we can have sustainable development and prosperity, especially in the developing world."

Meanwhile, an Egyptian judicial panel has now advised a court to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood as a legally registered non-governmental organisation (NGO).

The recommendation presents a legal challenge to the group as the army-backed government presses on with a crackdown.

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi was elected on a brotherhood ticket last year during the country's first democratic polls.