Sexual offences court promises justice

The deputy minister says the training of magistrates and prosecutors at these courts are important.

Court gavel. Picture: RSC Inc

CAPE TOWN - The Justice Department says the re-establishment of specialised sexual offences courts will encourage people to report rapes.

The department wrapped up its woman's month program in Mitchells' Plain on Sunday, where residents raised various issues with Deputy Minister of Justice John Jeffery.

Jeffery highlighted and lamented the poor conviction rate in rape cases.

He cites this as the main reason why so many people do not report sexually related crimes.

"The statistics I have is that only one in nine rape cases are reported. But basically, the issue would be the under-reporting of rape, what's indisputable is that this is very high."

Statistics show that there is only one conviction for every 200 reported rape cases.

Twenty two sexual offences courts are expected to be established in the current financial year.