CT families brave the cold

Families squatting in an open field in Mitchells Plain say the cold is "excruciating".

Roads flooded due to heavy rains in Edgemead, Cape Town on 28 August 2013. Picture: Glen De Goede/iWitness

CAPE TOWN - While thousands of homeless families sought safety and warmth during this week's cold front in Cape Town a group of people squatting on an open field in Mitchells Plain say they're barely surviving.

About seven families who erected makeshift shelters with a few sheets of plastic say braving the cold and wet weather is excruciating.

Ihlaam Abrahams is part of a group of about 10 families who initially invaded a piece of land opposite the Kapteinsklip train station nearly two years ago.

Abrahams says after all this time, they've experienced the harshest weather conditions over the last few weeks.

Three people have died during this week's cold front that brought heavy rains, gale force winds and even a light dusting of snow.

She says parents had to send some of their children to relatives as they couldn't stand the cold.

"It's a really wet year. Rain gets inside the tents because we don't have the proper materials. We are building from whatever we can get. It is really cold here outside."