SA soldiers in stable condition

SA soldiers injured during combat in the DRC are in stable condition receving treatment.

SANDF soldiers. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) says all soldiers injured in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are in a stable condition.

The SANDF confirmed on Wednesday that two more soldiers were wounded during a crossfire between Congolese troops and M23 rebels.

More than 1,300 soldiers were sent to the country to assist in the renewed fight.

Just last week, the Presidency said the soldiers were not actively involved in combat.

SANDF's Xolani Mabanga said, "The number of soldiers who have been injured is three, including the one that was injured over the weekend during the ceasefire. They are all in a stable condition."

At the same time, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has called on chief general of SANDF Solly Shoke to brief the joint standing committee in the DRC so that no more South African soldiers are wounded.

The DA believes the soldiers sent to the DRC have not been properly trained and equipped for their assigned tasks.

Government said they spent more than R400-million to make sure that the soldiers are protected.

The DA's David Maynier said, "General Solly Shoke should brief the joint standing committee on the deployment of the SANDF because we have to be sure that they are properly equipped and properly trained to execute the tasks assigned to them."

Meanwhile, soldier's union SANDU says South African soldiers who were seriously wounded in the DRC are doing their job which comes with casualties and high chances of sustaining injuries.

SANDU's Pikkie Greef said, "It's the soldier's job to deploy and to engage in military operations and injuries and even death is part of the job. It's sad and one wouldn't want it to happen but it's unfortunately an inevitable part of military."