Krejcir's lawyers to halt extradition hearing

Krejcir has been associated with a number of unsolved murders, but was never charged.

FILE: Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A Johannesburg court is expected to hear a challenge against yet another attempt to extradite Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir.

Krejcir's lawyers appear likely to launch an application today to halt an attempt by the National Prosecuting Authority to extradite Krejcir to the Czech Republic.

His lawyers will argue the extradition hearing can't proceed until his asylum application has been resolved.

If he is granted refugee status, any attempts to extradite him will fall away.

His lawyers will tell the court the asylum hearing is being delayed by the media, who want to gain access to the proceedings.

They will also argue an extradition case now, may waste everyone's time and money.

Prosecutors will counter this by suggesting the two hearings can run parallel to each other.

Krejcir's name has been associated with a number of unsolved murders, but he has never been charged.

He recently survived a bizarre assassination attempt involving a car fitted with homemade shotguns.