No decision by Obama yet on Syria

Russia and China have warned the US that military action on Syria would have "catastrophic consequences".

Syrian flag. Picture: AFP.

TEL AVIV - There are calls for a decisive, serious and united international stand against Syria with world leaders actively considering their response to last week's alleged chemical weapons attack.

The death toll has still not been confirmed but opposition forces have put the number anywhere between 350 and 1,300.

On Monday, American Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel confirmed the US military was "ready to go" if President Barack Obama orders action.

Obama says he has not yet made a decision to take military action in Syria.

At the same time, British warplanes and military transporters are amassing at Britain's airbase in Cyprus, around 150 kilometres from the Syrian coast.

David Cameron has recalled the British parliament to vote on the nation's response to the deadly attack.

The vote will take place on Thursday.

The Russian foreign ministry has responded to US and British threats to strike Syrian government keypoints by saying the west is behaving like a monkey with a grenade.

Russia and China are allies of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad and have stepped up their warnings against any possible western military action in that country.

Moscow warns any such action would have "catastrophic consequences" for the region.

Meanwhile, online warnings have appeared on sites linked to Islamic militants fighting against al-Assad inside Syria.

They say their leaders and training camps might also be targeted by a possible US-led attack.

Several online sites linked to Al Qaeda and other affiliated groups have advised militants not to hold meetings or gather in large numbers and to change routines and locations.