Habib promises to make Wits accessible

Professor Adam Habib has officially been inaugurated as Wits vice chancellor.

Political analyst and academic, Professor Adam Habib. Picture: University of Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG - Political commentator and academic Professor Adam Habib has officially been inaugurated as the vice chancellor and principal of Wits University.

Habib has told guests at the Wits Great Hall that he will make the university more accessible to those previously disadvantaged.

Habib says the university will continue to bring to the campus grade 10, 11 and 12s from rural schools for a winter and summer programme.

He says wits will also introduce a vice chancellor equality scholarship which will be targeted at poor schools around the country.

"Top students from these schools, merit still retained, will be given a similar fully funded scholarship to ensure that talented students from economically marginalised communities are also given access to Wits."