National Assembly approves DNA bill

The so-called DNA bill is aimed at streamlining criminal investigations.

The so-called DNA Bill is aimed at streamlining criminal investigations.

CAPE TOWN - The so-called DNA bill is one step closer to being signed into law following its approval by the National Assembly on Thursday.

Known as the Criminal Law Forensic Procedures Amendment Bill, it enables police to set up a national DNA database.

There was a lengthy delay before the bill was finally passed on Thursday, when the chairperson of the Police Portfolio Committee, Annelize van Wyk, spoke about what the bill is aimed at doing.

She said it's directed at streamlining criminal investigations.

"DNA is as unique as fingerprints and while perpetrators can wear gloves to hide their fingerprints or wipe the scene after the crime is committed, they almost always leave DNA on a crime scene."

She said the bill will go a long way in providing justice to the woman and children who are the victims of rape, murder and other violent crimes.