Most S.Africans happy with healthcare

Stats SA released the General Household Survey in Pretoria on Thursday.

Stats SA found that nearly 80 percent of households dependent on public health are satisfied with the service.  Picture: Stock.xchng

PRETORIA - The latest General Household Survey has found most people using public health facilities are satisfied with the service, while only a minority is on medical aid schemes.

Statistics SA released its annual survey, conducted over the last decade, in Pretoria on Thursday.

Nearly 80 percent of households dependent on public health care reported they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the service.

Only one in five South Africans is a member of a medical aid scheme, nearly all of whom said they're also satisfied with the service at private health care facilities.

The survey also found the number of households connected to an electricity supply had increased to 85 percent, while nine in 10 households received piped water.

More and more South Africans are being connected, with only six percent still without a landline or cellphone. More youngsters are now using the no-fee school system.

At the same time, Stats SA found that while a lack of funds remains the main contributor to South Africans not going to school, the percentage of pupils who reported they paid no tuition fees increased from less than one percent in 2002 to 57 percent in 2012.

But the figures also show that more than one third of premature school leavers cite a lack of money as the reason for dropping out.

Limpopo has the highest figure of pupils who don't pay school fees, with nine in 10 youngsters in this category, while the Western Cape has the lowest with 27 percent.

At a tertiary level, 62 percent of students are black but the group is still proportionally under-represented.

Less than three percent of blacks aged 18 to 29 were studying, as opposed to nearly 15 percent of Indians and 17 percent of whites.

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