ANC rejects financial disclosure request

ANC says Mamphela Ramphele has no right to demand that Zuma disclose his finances.

Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele holds a news conference in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 21 August 2013 where she disclosed her own financial affairs for the country to scrutinise, in line with the need for accountability, and to set an example for President Jacob Zuma. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) has hit back at Agang SA Leader Mamphela Ramphele for her suggestion that President Jacob Zuma disclose his finances to the nation.

On Wednesday, the Agang SA leader called on the president to disclose his finances, saying there has been too much corrupt activity in the country and the poor have been forgotten.

The ANC responded later on Wednesday saying all Parliamentarians have already disclosed their financial status.

The party's Keith Khoza said Ramphele has no right to ask the President to disclose his finances to the public.

"There's no need to do another disclosure because it's demanded by Mamphela Ramphele. Who is she? In the scheme of the things she is not above Parliament."

Khoza said all the information she needed is in Parliament.

"If Mamphela Ramphele's wants to know anything about the President, there's a 'member's disclosures' that she can access. We can see that she's only playing to the gallery. We're not interested in terms of how much she has and how she got it."

Khoza said he cannot understand why Ramphele is only calling on ruling party members to disclose their finances and not members of other parties.

Ramphele criticised Zuma, saying he has failed to disclose his financial status since 2009.

But, the Agang SA leader said she is setting an example and hopes Zuma and other government officials will follow suit.

Agang SA's leader as since disclosed her finances, saying the people should know who they are voting for.

Ramphele has disclosed her net worth of more than R55 million.