ANC slams 'wasteful' Grant

The ANC says the money which is used in a court battle could be used to make WC schools safer.

ANC’s Marius Fransman. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The ANC in the Western Cape has criticised the decision by the provincial Education MEC Donald Grant to appeal a court decision to keep 17 schools open.

Grant decided to decommission the learning facilities due to, among others, multi-grading teaching and low pupil numbers last October.

His decision was overturned by the Western Cape High Court in July.

ANC's Marius Fransman has slammed Grant for what he believes is another wasteful legal battle.

"It's a reckless use of taxpayers money. He should have used these millions of rands to put guards at these schools instead of appealing."

But Grant believes seeking an appeal is the only way to clarify the confusion around what is required to close a school.

"We need to get the courts to help us, as the executive, interpret the law. I'm hoping that will take place during the appeal process."

However, some parents have expressed concern at Grant's decision to appeal the ruling.

They believe the funds being spent on the constant legal battles can be better spent elsewhere within the education system.