'Paedophile case wasn't handled properly'

A child advocacy group says they shocked the NPA did not appeal the acquittal of an alleged paedophile.

A child advocacy group says it’s shocked the NPA has not appealed the acquittal of an alleged paedophile. Picture: sxc.hu.

CAPE TOWN - The child advocacy group, Women and Men Against Child Abuse, said on Monday it was shocked the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) would not be appealing the acquittal of a man who was accused of rape.

Adrian Wilson-Forbes faced 79 criminal charges, including counts related to the manufacturing of child pornography.

But he was acquitted earlier this year after the main witness in the case was found to be unreliable.

Therefore, the state could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the 60-year-old was guilty.

The state doesn't intend appealing his acquittal.

The advocacy group believes the case wasn't handled properly.

The organisation's Germaine Vogel said, "We are contacting our legal sources and asking for an opinion and then we plan to take this to the Human Rights Commission."

Due to discrepancies, prosecutors could not prove that the victims were under the age of 16.

Upon his acquittal, Wilson-Forbes said, "I'm relieved. It's been very punishing and gruelling. I've got to try and look at rebuilding my life."