More cops deployed to Manenberg

More authorities have been deployed to gang-riddled Manenberg to deal with violence.

Manenberg Police Station. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Chairperson for Parliaments Portfolio Committee on Police, Annelize van Wyk, said on Tuesday the South African Police Service (Saps) is going beyond the call of duty in dealing with gang problems in Manenberg.

More law enforcement officials have been deployed to the gang-stricken suburb in a bid to quell the violence.

But many residents believe the army needs to be brought in.

She said authorities are doing everything they can.

"Saps is playing its part over and above what we can expect from them. We're not realising they're not bulletproof."

But the van Wyk dismissed calls to deploy the army.

"I do not believe we can just blindly put the army into that area. That in itself also sends out certain messages."

She added a holistic approach with government and other role players is needed.


Ongoing gang violence forced the closure of 14 schools in the area for two days last week due to safety concerns for learners and teachers.

Van Wyk visited one of the schools directly affected by the violence on Monday while police conducted a special operation in the area.

Meanwhile, Western Cape Education Department officials said pupil attendance spiked since the deployment of more security officers, but said that while there was marked improvement in learner attendance, some believe there's very little that can be done to end the violence.

One Silverstream High School learner believes there's very little police can do to stop the problem.

"Nothing that police can do will change anything because the gangs live around the corner from one another. If there's a shooting, the bullets must go through our school."

Manenberg police said there are 42 additional officers at the affected schools.