Advocate Barbie's parole met with resistance

Cezanne Visser is due to be released from prison today on parole.

The Correctional Supervision and Parole Board  has granted parole to convicted child pornographer Cezanne Visser, otherwise known as Advocate Barbie. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Organisations against child abuse have slammed a decision by the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board to grant parole to convicted child pornographer Cezanne Visser.

Widely known as Advocate Barbie, Visser is due to be released from prison today.

This was Visser's third application for parole after two previous failed ones.

She was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2010 for sex crimes, including indecent assault against women and children, manufacturing child pornography and defrauding a children's home.

Visser was arrested along with her lover and fellow attorney Dirk Prinsloo, who fled overseas and was later arrested in Belarus.

Woman and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA) say they want a guarantee that Visser is registered on the sexual offences and child protection register.

"We are very disappointed that someone who has such serious charges against her, and who first of all was not given a tough enough prison sentence, has now been released on parole," said the organisation's Germaine Vogel.

Acting judge Chris Eksteen found Visser guilty of 11 charges in 2010 in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

The charges included two of indecently assaulting an 11-year-old and 14-year-old girl and soliciting a 13-year-old girl to commit indecent acts.

Visser was also sentenced on a charge of defrauding a children's home, as she managed to gain permission from the home for children to spend weekends with her and Prinsloo.

In March 2010, one of their victims, Jeannine du Plessis, who was 21, took her own life.

During her trial in 2009, Visser told the then Pretoria High Court that she committed the crimes because of Prinsloo.

She said she became a cheap woman because she was infatuated with her lover and would have done anything to please him.

Meanwhile, the Correctional Services Department has said her parole falls under the maximum category, with strict conditions that are expected to be formalised before she is released.