Ceres rape victim's family wants justice

The older sister of a seven-year-old Ceres rape victim says she doesn’t know if he will ever recover.

The older sister of the seven-year-old Ceres rape victim says she doesn’t know if he will ever recover. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Relatives of a seven-year-old boy who was raped on a Ceres farm earlier this month say they want justice.

It's alleged the boy and the infant were asleep in a wendy house on a farm in the area when they were snatched during the early hours of the morning earlier this month.

The children were then raped in a nearby vineyard.

It's understood the seven-year-old managed to carry the baby back home after the horrific incident and alert his parents.

The boy's sister says she can clearly see the impact the trauma has had on her baby brother, saying that at this stage she is not sure whether he will ever recover as he suffers from nightmares.

A 25-year-old farm worker was arrested in connection with the sexual assault last week and made his first court appearance on Friday.

The older sister believes that if found guilty the man arrested should spend his life behind bars because what he did was cruel and heartless.

"What he did to my little brother wasn't right."

The boy's mother told Eyewitness News what makes matters worse is that she knows the alleged rapist, as she was friends with his mother.

The four-month-old baby girl has since undergone four surgeries and is in a stable condition in hospital, while the boy has left his parent's home and is living with relatives on a nearby farm.

Meanwhile, the Ceres Community Policing Forum (CPF) has indicated it will hand over a letter to the court opposing bail this week.

The CPF's Jan van der Merwe says the suspect must remain in custody for his own safety.

"My concern is that the community will want to kill that guy. The community wants him permanently removed. We're saying he must stay in jail for his own sake."