Advocate Barbie out on parole on Monday

Cezanne Visser was arrested along with Dirk Prinsloo, who fled overseas.

Cezanne Visser, also known as Advocate Barbie.

JOHANNESBURG - Cezanne Visser, also known as Advocate Barbie is to be released on parole on Monday as reports state that the parole board has approved her release.

Visser is serving a seven-year jail term for indecent assault and for manufacturing and possessing child pornography.

She was arrested along with attorney Dirk Prinsloo.

Prinsloo skipped bail and fled the country in May 2006.

He was arrested in Belarus following an attempted bank robbery and jailed.

Acting judge in the High Court in Pretoria Chris Eksteen found Visser guilty on 11 charges.

The charges included two of indecently assaulting an 11-year-old and 14-year-old girl and soliciting a 13-year-old girl to commit indecent acts.

Visser was also sentenced on a charge of defrauding a children's home, as she managed to gain permission from the home for children to spend weekends with her and Prinsloo.

In March 2010, one of their victims, Jeannine du Plessis, who was 21, took her own life.