Cape rains cause worst flooding ever

Heavy rains and gale-force winds in the Western Cape have left over 36,600 destitute.

Residents of Kosovo informal settlement in Cape Town were badly affected by flooding caused by heavy rain in August 2013. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille on Saturday said this week's heavy winter rains and gale-force winds are the worst it has been in years.

De Lille joined disaster teams assisting flood stricken parts of Philippi.

Philippi residents were knee-deep in water as rain continued to pour in the Kosovo informal settlement.

More than 400 residents have been affected by flooding this week.

De Lille said in many cases the only solution is to move destitute residents from flood stricken areas because this is a reoccurring problem.

"We have to engage with the communities in the low lying areas to move."

She added they have been trying to move some of the residents for more than two years.

But Danalene Williams Roberts, who has been living in the same house in the Macassar Village for 29 years said moving isn't an option.

"The government must just help me to make my house a brick house. I am never going to move from here."

The mayor said this year's flooding is some of the worst seen in years and she is hoping the City of Cape Town can find long term solutions.

More than 36,600 people have been affected by this week's stormy winter weather.

Thirty-six informal settlements within the metro have been affected by the weather conditions throughout the city since Tuesday.

These include Khayelitsha, Guguletu , Du Noon and Bishop Lavis.