Tyler on Adele, marriage and music

Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler is due to perform in Johannesburg and Cape Town within coming weeks.

Bonnie Tyler performs during the finals of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest on May 18, 2013. Photo: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler has told Eyewitness News she looks up to British singer and songwriter Adele.

The 80's pop diva will be singing her hits at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg later this month and the Cape Town International Convention Centre early next month.

Tyler said Adele is a fantastic artist.

"She's amazing. What a great song writer, singer and performer - absolutely wonderful. But when I started singing the people I used to look at where like Tina Turner and Janice Joplin."

Speaking to 94.5 KFM's Ryan O'Connor on Thursday morning, Tyler said South African fans can expect all her old hits as well as two or three songs off her new album Rocks & Honey, which she recorded in Nashville in the US.

"I am going be doing a lot of songs people know. Because they love to hear the classics and I never get tired of singing them."

Tyler said it's not her first time visiting Cape Town.

"I've been to Table Mountain and Stellenbosch- about 20 of us had lunch there. It was wonderful."


Known as the international first lady of rock, Tyler has been singing since 1969.

Asked what inspired her as a musician, Tyler said, "Music was in the family my mother was always singing around the house. I've got three sisters, two brothers and we were all into music."

She said she got her start in a local rugby club competition.

She said she really loves doing live shows.

"It's what I'm really all about you know."

She said her husband is related to Catherine Zeta Jones.

"He's her second cousin. Her father is Robert's cousin. I sang at the wedding for her and Michael when they get married 11, 12 years ago."


Tyler has been married since 1973 and just celebrated her ruby anniversary.

Asked what her best advice to a good marriage, she said. "It's been great we've had our ups and downs like everybody does.We enjoy each other's company. Were each other's best friends."

Tyler will perform at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on 29 and 30 August and Cape Town International Convention Centre on 6 and 7 September.