More rain expected in CT

SA Weather Service says more heavy rains is expected in the Cape metropole.

Lightining strikes behind Table Mountain.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town Disaster Risk Management said R2 million has already been spent on relief aid for people affected by severe weather this week.

Officials have had to help more than 12,000 people over the past 72 hours.

Nearly 3,000 households, mainly situated in informal settlements, have been flooded.

Two cold fronts have been lashing the peninsula since Monday.

The SA Weather Service's Edwin Thema has warned of more flooding.

"Warnings have been issued for heavy rain in the Cape Metropole which could result in localised flooding."

The management's Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said, "The City will continue assisting people that are adversely affected by the heavy rain."

Meanwhile, the inclement weather might begin subsiding by tomorrow.

Solomons-Johannes added that if anyone needed any assistance, they should report it to the call centre on 0860 10 30 89.