Breakthrough in child rape case

A 25-year-old man has been arrested for raping a four-month-old baby and seven-year-old boy.

No Violence Against Women and Children. Picture: GCIS.

CAPE TOWN - A man has been arrested for the raping a four-month-old baby girl and a seven-year-old boy in Ceres earlier this month.

The children were sexually assaulted after the suspect entered their tiny Wendy house on Vredebes Farm.

He woke the boy up and snatched the four-month-old baby girl who was asleep nearby.

But when the boy tried to alert his family, the suspect apparently strangled him.

He then took the children to a nearby vineyard where he raped them and fled.

The boy apparently walked back to his home carrying the baby in his arms and told relatives about what happened.

Western Cape Police's Andre Traut said a 25-year-old suspect is being held in custody.

"A 25-year-old man is being held as a suspect for the recent rapes of two young children in Ceres."

Traut said the suspect is due to make a court appearance today to face two charges of rape.

A man taken into police custody for questioning in connection with the rape was released last week.

Traut said the man was released after being interrogated for 24 hours.

Police released an identikit of the suspect.

Sniffer dogs were also taken to the farm to search for clues.


On Tuesday, the Red Cross Children's Hospital said the baby was slowly recovering.

The hospital's Lauren O'Conner-May said she has undergone four operations.

"Doctors say she will undergo several more surgeries."

O'Conner-May said it's difficult to determine the length of time the child will stay in hospital due to the thorough medical processes involved.

"It's difficult to say how long she will be here because it depends on how she heals as every child heals differently."

Meanwhile, the mother of the seven-year-old boy told Eyewitness News last week she was heartbroken.

The woman, a mother of five, sobbed bitterly saying she is not coping well.

She said her son has had nightmares following the incident and added that the boy hasn't been speaking much.

The child has since left his mother's home and is staying with relatives in a nearby farm.